I Made A Rigid Body Simulation in Blender, and Imported it Into Roblox

Lets say you want to create an animation of a character smashing a wall down. As the character gives the wall a great big punch, the wall comes tumbling down as bits and pieces from the wall follow along with it, all coming down and forming a great big pile of rubble.

Now there’s two ways to approach this. You can either make the animation of the character punching the wall, then un-anchor the wall as soon as the character hits it and let Roblox do the physics for you, and we all know how Roblox’s physics can be quite slow and inefficient at times. Or you can create the animation of the character punching the wall, then taking your time animating each and every brick of the wall tumbling down which can take FOREVER.

Or you can do what I did. Let Blender do the physics for you, and import it into Roblox.

None of this is Roblox’s physics. All Blender.

Here’s what the animation looks like inside of Blender:

I have no clue if anyone has actually done this before, and if not, it could be a way better alternative to Roblox’s clunky and slow physics.

Instead of having Roblox do the physics for you, and lag everyone’s game out, you can simply leave it in Blender’s hands. I just wanted to show off what I recently found out. Feedback is appreciated. :slight_smile:


that’s pretty cool, also what’s up with the way the objects are pivoting? it looks a bit off

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I have a question, I know how to import rigged character from blender to Roblox studio but how did you import this? It doesn’t have bones or anything.

I think it might just be because of how I actually set up the rigid bodies in the little cube fragments. I’ll definitely fix that later haha

I did actually rig the object, haha.

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Oh I see, thank you for the info!

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