I made a simple Player & Server Information GUI


Edit: I published this as a model: Player And Server Info - Roblox

Update: I fixed a few bugs


It’s nice, but I recommend automatic scrolling on the scrolling frame (sorry if it has).

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I don’t see a point in autoscroll as people need to be able to see the whole thing instead of just the end.

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You can have up to 200 friends on Roblox, and children love to friend request many people, only to be ashamed, that many of their friends aren’t in the frame.

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Oh, that’s what you meant. I’ll make it resize automatically depending on the amount of frames. Thanks for the suggestion!

Edit: Done!


Nice, this GUI looks very good! I like the design of it.

You did a very good job with the tracking!

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I like the simple yet affective design of it!

Maybe have the server/player list attached on the side of it for a cleaner finish?

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Oh, it’s not a server list, it’s a list of current online friends.

Oh my bad i didn’t fully read what it said on the top.

But i stay with what i said, try to put it on the side. It can give a cleaner look overal then overlapping pages.