I made a small build / showcase

I worked on this build for almost a week, what do you think?

Idk why there is a white border for my thumbnails

Images if you don't want to play it

How much do you like the build

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For some reason the build doesn’t look as good as in game

Please reply with how I can improve this build.


I personally love this, It brings back memories from 2016-2018 builds that were just nice to see and play, now it’s all lowpoly this or GFX that and such (I’m kinda bashing on myself as I do lowpoly buildslol) but this has the detail, the atmosphere, the lighting and it’s overall really good. Amazing job.


I like this showcase. It’s a good amount of details,
and the lightning is pretty cool!

Hope you see you build a lot in the future.


It looks nice and inspiring, I like the green fog you added, but there is a reason why I gave it an 8, if I compare it with other high detailed showcase games, it could be way more detailed than that, use some textures, add more small details like rocks, mesh, install more plugins, try to make people think that it’s too good to be a Roblox game!
Aime for something like this VV

But it looks really cool non the less, I can see myself hiring you if I wasn’t a builder myself.

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I will try to add more details, the thing is that I have a potato pc and it lags easily if I add a lot of parts in the workspace.

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I get your point, even I use to building in a 2010 Toshiba laptop for living, there isn’t really a good solution for that other than buying a new pc.
the least you can do is lowering your studio graphics, it helps a lot.

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Looks good, how about adding more complex and detailed builds to make it better

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