I made a steam engine

It’s about 300-400 parts including the two coaches and a brake van on end. Uses meshes, all have interior.
Is there anything i should improve on this?


I guess you can redo it and make it like this
No offense, yours is too basic

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Hey, cool train,but I’d wanna be honest, its too blocky
You could probably try to make it uh, a bit better, using meshes and wedges and lighting system

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a few suggestions:

  1. add more depth
    the building itself is very blocky (no offense, you did a great job on this), you should add some wedges to the top or bottom pieces
  2. add more details
    it might not be too self explanatory but it kinda is, add stuff like stripes or a visible roof, more curves and yknow
  3. use other things then parts
    there’s a grand total of maybe 6 different meshes in this build, you should try adding more since there is a ton available
  4. add frames
    frames just help everything, no idea why
    in your case you would add some window frames or door frames



other then that it’s pretty great

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you cant just say “redo it” and barely provide context, you should go into detail and say what you want changed, observe the image provided and help OP out

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Maybe he wants the train to be an old style 2011 - 2014 Roblox train or its abit modern and he needs to redo it

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We’re not paid tutors, our job is to give a clear goal not helping a super basic 2008 styled build step by step. Can you?

you sound like you’re just trying to insult this build now, if you hate it so much why don’t you give it something called:

constructive criticism (scaaryyyy) :ghost:


Shhhhhh :shushing_face:
Don’t hurt OG

It’s a great train but everyone knows that it doesn’t fit the current standards… far from it.

if it’s not meeting your list of standards or whatever it is, then give feedback and tell him what to add and improve like i said a million times

i am no longer investing in this pointless argument

Nope, check the top 10K roblox games in 2022, the games with graphics like this is getting fewer and fewer, potentially dying, it’s the evolution of the platform.

oh also OP, could you show the interior and more perspectives of the train if possible? i’d like to input on those too

I will later! It’s got lighting, by the way.

No unions. Parts and meshes FTW

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The train is stylized to the “old building style” of roblox.

No offense but we’re seeing a rise of players in “Survive the fall of Roblox!” Which is styled after old roblox.

Also RetroStudio, Super Nostalgia Zone, Catalog Heaven, NATURAL DISASTER SURVIVAL.