I made a stock trading thingy!

For the past 2 days I have been working on this stock trading thing, its pretty cool imo, you can have as many stocks as you want (just insert the stock’s Symbol on a table) then it gets the data for you(http service)

You can buy/sell Stocks

View at your Inventory of stocks!

Check History!

Check history of CERTAIN stock when clicking on them!

(both are microsoft)
I find it really cool you can view history like any other.

I feel really confident going on this direction, I have returned to this platform after 5 months and I hope to not leave thsi time`

tl;dr: I made a stock trading stuff with history of each transaction


oh and ofc

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Cool! If you’re planning on making a stock-market simulator game, that would teach a lot of players how the real stock market works. I would play it.

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Thanks for the recommendation, I did make this because I am underaged to use program like that, I will try to make a simple one with more detail just into this, if possible, sharing the code after the game dies out because why not share

Ooh I’d love to use this for my plaza game! Are you planning on using it in a game or is it for fun?
It’s an amazing job!

I like it! Is it based on real stocks or just custom made? Also, if you intend on releasing it, kids may not know what some of the stuff are due to the abbreviations.

I actually made this as a eye catcher feature for my upcoming game but the game is soooo far from done so its bascally to see what I can do, if you are gonna use it, use some stock api then get data from http service

yes, its based on real stocks, it uses api and http service to get the data every minute(because of 500 request limit), If I do realease it, im gonna ofc make a tutorial on what everything means

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Beware of possibly getting copyright (I may be wrong, just saying.)

the api is free to use

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I wish you the best of luck.

This game could attract both mature and kids so you have a wide market :smiley:

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Hey there! It’s been a while but I have now open sourced this project
take a look at it yourself!