I made a store for my friend!

Hi besties, I made a store for a friend! It’s based on a Prada Marfa store in Texas.
:blush:. My friend’s clothing group is called ohdior. (The purses in the store are not mine.) :confused:

Ohdior - Texas - Roblox - Game link


I love the simplicity of it! The only feedback I have for it is to change the ForceFieldDuration on the spawnpoint(s) to 0.

Keep up the good work :call_me_hand:


The build looks very realistic. The only thing that’s weird is that it looks like it’s in the middle of nowhere. You could improve it by making the build bigger or adding more dimensions.


I like it! however the build looks extremely small, like only enjoyable in 1st person small. I would suggest making it largerr, and making the metal frame of the door thicker. The inside also looks extremely bare and not very well lit.
Other than those, solid 8/10 :muscle: :eye: :lips: :eye: :nail_care:

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It is in the middle of nowhere. :sweat_smile:

I couldn’t even tell the different between the two! In fact, I believe your creation is much more vibrant than the original reference.

The only thing that I would really suggest if you want to improve it a little bit is to try imitating those chips and cracks on the wall, however even without those it still looks great. :+1:

The reason it is in the middle of nowhere because it is

If you go anywhere in Texas it is in the middle of nowhere :sweat_smile: