I made a Thor GFX! Feedback please!

I tried using Krita again for the effects for my GFX…

This is the same one with a background without effects!

What do you think about both?


It looks kinda ok but I think the lighting and the background are a bit weird. the first one, I don’t know if I want to focus on the background/effect or the character maybe settle it down a little bit and it should be good. but overall it looks alright


stormbreaker is facing the wrong way, its a nice gfx tho.


Oh wait it is? LOL i just saw that XD

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try using electric effects on the thor hammer

Its very very very very very pixelated

UPDATE: I’ve actually learned how to use blender effects:
Thank you guys for your feedback though.
My better one:

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Pretty nice overall, i would suggest maybe doing some background stuff so it doesn’t look like he’s just standing on a plane.

love the results! now that you’re able to create different effects with blender, photoshop or whatever, try improving your backgrounds to add some spice to your GFX. but remember, the focus should always be on the characters :slight_smile: