I made a tower defense game - I would love to hear some feedback

Although it’s still in BETA, I want opinions on the game and whether or not if it could be a successful game?
Over the past few months I have been developing a tower defence game which features 2 gamemodes: Survival and Versus. I was wondering if I could receive feedback on the user experience as well as the logo as to whether or not this game could potentially do well.

I’m planning on spending 20 ad credits tomorrow on sponsoring and was hoping to have any insights :pray:

Game Link: [UPDATE 1/2] Tower Rush - Roblox
Game Logo:

Obviously if there’s bugs please lmk


The opening scene looks amazing!

But in my opinion, the pop-up text lacks sharpness and speed, then the effect would be even better


I get watchu mean, I’ll look into adding those improvements next update :stuck_out_tongue: