I made a tree and wanted to show everyone

those look great! trees are so much fun

It’s a pretty tree and the Roblox avatar. :relaxed:

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I love the leaves! But I do think the tree is too smooth n’ curvy. :+1:

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i really liked the design keep it up !!

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if u ever make a tree i highly recommend using boatbomber’s windshake module, it makes trees feel soooo alive and makes any scene look pretty

This is sick!!! :smiley: They are so nice

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I absolutely love the tree, and think the curve of the trunk is very fantasy-like and so unique! Very inspiring, thank you for posting this!

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The leaves look great love the colors.

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I like the shape of the tree stem and the style you’re going for. It’s pretty neat.

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The point of the developer forum is to show everyone and to be proud. I love this tree! No need to argue.

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trees are the greatest thing the world gifted us

The trunk is a bit, how do I say this, curvy. Maybe that was the style you were going for but it doesn’t look great, it’s quite good though! The leaves look really cool.

Hella well made. Good job. It is so mythical. :open_mouth:

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aaaaaaaaaa. it looks so good, how did you make those curves?

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took a bit of trying, but i ended up shaping it out using the skin modifier to get the shape i wanted and just cleaned it up so the poly wouldn’t be too high and just used the sub div modifier (because i wasn’t suppppper worried about poly as i was just using this for a showcase/my own personal enjoyment and practice) and it smoothed out and made the curves a lot more open and wide (which was what i wanted) so i could put fun little sitting animations on it!!
i can pass you a youtube tutorial on the skin modifier for trees if you’re interested!

this is the tutorial i used like in 2019 when i first started blender, i haven’t watched this in a while but IIRC, i don’t think it tells you how to get rid of those unnecessary edges that gets put on the tree after you apply the modifier.

here’s a super terrible example of how to get rid of those edges, personally i find the method of just holding alt + shift to loop select the excess edges and then dissolving right after
you can also just hold shift and select one edge on each loop, after you get all the edges you want, go to select > select loops > edge loops and then dissolve edges after that and you should be golden!
it’ll knock you down sooooo many tri, it’s crazy how un-performant the trees can be if you miss that tiny step LOL

i’m aware there’s better ways of making trees, but overall the blocky style that the skin modifier gives while still being able to keep a tree-like shape is cool for roblox IMO!


Thanks for the video and the info! I’ll try to make trees in blender, I’ve never tried!

i hope you like making them! feel free to comment here again or private message me if you need any help. i don’t look on dev forum every day, but i’ll try to be quick to respond if need be!!

i can try to find other tutorials i used for tree making, i found one for tree leaves but i feel like the video itself is way to in-depth for what it actually is, but if you wanna make more fluid or different shaped leaves, you could always use a ico/uv sphere and sculpt it out using the Grab sculpting brush to get a shape you want!


here’s an example of what i mean with sculpted leaves!!


dang this is cool! i like the lighting and falling petals. overall, nice build!

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This is just wow! I love the look of the leaves and the truck. I would have added one thing though. I would have added a little pond.

Oh my god…
The lighting, the modelling, the animation…
This is just pure beauty!

Just a small suggestion, try to make the animation a bit more dynamic. Otherwise, this is absolutely gorgeous.