I made a tutorial on how to use Trigonometry in Roblox

Once upon a time my friend asked me how to get the angles between two vectors. I responded with “just trig bro” and gave him the formula for the law of cosines. He responded with “trig?”. From there I spent 15 minutes explaining it to him via voice call (discord). It made me wonder, man I wonder how many other Roblox devs have the same question. So I made a youtube video on Trigonometry and how to implement it in Roblox. Tell me what you guys think, to add on if you want a text based version (I know it is very long) you can check out my paper here. It goes over the concept behind the unit circle and covers sine and cosine. Was I concise and educational in the video?


yup going in my watch later. I’ll watch after my classes

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Wow… This is some serious big brain stuff.

Well if you watch it fully we will transfer our membrane modules so you can have big brain too


I found a little error (1,0) represents what sine and cosine.

It’s the opposite. sin(360 deg) = 0, cos(360 deg) = 1.

Correct version:
(1,0) represents what cosine and sine

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Geese, whoops. There, I fixed it