I made a wall with parts, but when I export it it is a different size than I import it while I have not changed anything

This is the model i exported

This is what i imported so it is a meshpart

But as you can see it is a other scale. it is the same height and the same length same posistion but some walls are smaller or are placed like 0.1 studs to the right or the left

Can someone help me with this? Thank you.

Why did you make it a mesh part? Why not a union?

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Cause i want to prevent more lagg if i mesh it. it is like 1 parts if i union it it are more parts :smiley:

before you export it make sure to clear up any twin verts

From the screenshot the wall doesn’t look large enough to be a significant cause of lag. I don’t think you need to worry about that too much if its just going to be that. Also you should be able to easily turn it all into just one union if you just union all of the parts together.

But what if i want to make a map with these houses? damn…

It’s one wall with a slight curve over the windows, I think you’ll be fine. XD

Also I don’t recommend making a city with the same wall / building design as that might make it over-repetitive. If your looking to make a massive city while keeping lag down, try doing what Jailbreak and Emergency Response: Liberty County have done. They made “buildings” likely only a part or two with textured windows.