I made A Wind Fairy from Black Clover Called Sylph

I made sylph :smile:

i don’t plan on adding a face to


It is a lot bigger than it is in the manga/anime. It’s supposed to be roughly about as tall as the Dummy’s head. Also, if you’re adding it to a game, make sure you change it enough so that it doesn’t violate their copyright. It saves you a lot of headache in the long run.

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nope your wrong very very wrong, plus its roblox if i made it bigger it wouldn’t be a fairy no more ._. and if i made it smaller it would have some problems


wdym that its suppose to be the size of the dummy

Picture below is from the anime. She may seem a little bigger because perspective is a thing but she is the size of Yuno’s head if not smaller.


no no no the fairy is tiny i read both the anime and manga
this is evidence still don’t believe me?

This actually proves my point even more…

eh explain how it proves ur point

The fairy is roughly the size of Yuno’s head. In the photo you just attached, she is slightly smaller than his head and pulling on his cheek. There’s no distance between them so there’s no distortion when it comes to perspective meaning that the photo shows her true size.

The fairy you made is too big in terms of scaling because it’s not the size of the NPC’s head.

bruh if i made the fairy smaller as i said it would cause big problems because its going to be animatable