I made a working calculator (Open Source)

I was fairly bored, so I decided to make a gui calculator inside of roblox. I also made it as a challenge to myself (to see what I was capable of), and it ended up working.

Play- https://www.roblox.com/games/5042269649/Working-Calculator


This is super cool! The gui is very clean and rounded, I like it. One thing I noticed was that you don’t have a “clear all” button. That might be worth making…


Ah yeah, forgot about the “C” button. For now, just press the = button and you can start a new number, but I’ll add it in. Thanks!

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This is amazing! Great work! I would suggest covering the whole back of the screen, so it is just the calculator, so that the game looks cleaner.

The calculator looks like the one on my phone, looks real good. You should make a scientific calculator now.

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This is amazing! Can you make it a model so everyone can see this beautiful peace of work?

Love how you made it! Great job! :+1:

Oh, this is very epic and well made at the same time!

Overall, this is actually impressive and I must say awesome work! :+1:

Apple Calculator on ROBLOX :flushed:

The game is open source, and I did make a model for it. I’ll link it up above

Gotta say, it was a little bit stressful, but here it goes:

I ran into an error 3 times while uploading the asset, i thought it didn’t do anything, but now i have 4 calculator plugins in my roblox inventory.

Wow… that’s so awesome! I hope you can improve it and make it feel like a real calculator!

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That isn’t the calculator I made though

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? What you mean? Could you elaborate? I used the place you made, meaning the calculator was the same one, i just made it an plugin.

Edit: From what i noticed, you thought that the asset that i shown you, wasn’t yours, well, technically, it is, i actually made your calculator, an plugin.

Nice calculator! If only there were more functions like exponents and square roots etc.

Well you need to show that who’s the creator of the calculator in the description of that plugin. Without it, others will think that you made the calculator.

hey, this looks amazing!

I highly suggest making this into a prop for your games