I made an FPS game with AI bots and destruction - feedback needed!


I’m working on a new game called Bazooka Mayhem - a first-person arena shooter with a destructible environment and AI-controlled bots. A lot of things are still in progress, and there is only one map available at the moment, but the game is already fully playable.

I’d appreciate any feedback or suggestions on how to make my game better.



love it, the ai feels like a real human, different projectiles would be cool

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Ha. Very stylish.
This is great. It’s very Quake 3.
I like how the bots talk smack.

Well done.

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Include at least one map with environmental hazards.
Add varying (but permanent) cosmetic choices for bazookas.
Use something more money for the coin pickup sound.

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Thats an absolutely gorgeous game. What ever you do please keep on adding onto it.

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Lovely ideas, I like them!
I’ll try to do something like that in the next update

Thank you so much for your kind words. I’ll keep adding more features for sure :slight_smile: