I made an interactive story, played in discord, with emoji's, controlled on roblox. Strangest thing i've ever done

Recently, I saw that game bots exist on discord. This gave me the weird idea to do this.
This started off as a little project I quickly made in JS, which was you typing commands to make a little character move left, and right. it was really simple, but I was proud of it. That’s when I decided to do whatever on earth this is.

This took me around 3 days to make, I made it mainly yesterday & before that, and today added the finishing touches.

This is the controller I use to interact with the story. Its really simple, but this story is really short so it’s all I need.

There are 3 endings, and I’ll show screenshots of them all here:

#1 is chosen:
#2 is chosen:
#3 is chosen:

GOOD ENDING: #2 is chosen:

OK ENDING: #1 is chosen (You go to school)

BAD ENDING: #3 is chosen:

I know this is really short, but hey I feel like its pretty cool. I learned a lot from this, and I’m pretty glad I did this.

How this works is very simple. It just checks what you pressed and what part of the story you are on, and then sends the message.
When a RemoteEvent is fired, it triggers this:

You can see that sending emoji’s isn’t the most fun thing ever. I also needed to send them line by line, as to my knowledge you can’t drop a line with webhooks.

Overall, this was a fun little side project :grinning: I won’t be making this public as the code isn’t great and breaks pretty often unless you know what you are doing. mainly because Roblox doesn’t like you sending a lot of requests at once, so it starts to block them.

That’s it!

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