I made "animx mirror", a plugin to mirror animations left to right, and vice versa

I found other plugins could approach this functionality but all were lacking in some way or other so I chose this as my first roblox project: (2) animx mirror - Roblox


Awesome. Does it work with R6 animations too?

Pretty sure moon animator 2 has this functionality, but I understand why making this would be something helpful to people who can’t afford moon animator these days.

That’s a good question and I thought about adding it, but I just don’t see the demand. Maybe if I could sell gamepasses to vote on new features I could add it.

I would tend to agree. With the amount of functionality now in the base studio, I was hesitant to invest time or money in big legacy plugins.

I’m pretty sure people are going to want it. Consider me your demand.

I’d need to see people sporting R6 in games to even consider it. It’s not just a feature release but more maintenance. I’d need to get paid for that.

I do have one problem, in that when I install the plugin from the link, (2) animx mirror - Roblox, it behaves a little differently:

The ok/confirm results window comes up ridiculously narrow. I can attempt other resize algorithms, or a fixed width. But I wanted to know if anyone else had that problem?

So many games support R6, so you should support R6. Personally, I like R6 and I strongly dislike R15, for a thousand reasons.

The plugin is a good idea tho, nice work.


My other project (game) fixes a R15 rig up for all players. When I work on something else, I will update this plugin, if I still remember how. OTOH, a typical game doesn’t support right/left handedness, so I might not.

I fixed this now.

For some reason the TextBounds members of TextLabel and TextBox were NUL from the published plugin. So I changed that algo. The joys of print-statement debugging in production!