I made crossy road on roblox

I made crossy road on roblox… (this is my 2nd game), it’s not the best and I’m just starting to learn how to make games on roblox studio; so I decided to re-create crossy road on roblox. Crossy Cube


This is really cool! Try adding an animation to the cube and it’ll be perfect!


Yes, I was thinking of that too, having the cube just teleport just doesn’t sit right. Anyways, I added it now, and I also added the boundary to the map, game will now end if you are behind (or out of bounds).

Really cool. Didnt realise I was the cube to start with. Perhaps highlight that fact to new players. Also, sometimes, the logs at the start didnt spawn in quickly enough and so I died as a result of the moving camera thingy.

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This is mostly because the log spawns further (and that they are also slower), so I made the logs spawn closer, and have them move faster, hopefully this should fix it and they should spawn earlier now. As for highlighting the character (the cube), I’m still thinking on how should I highlight it, if you have any ideas do let me know!