I made Demon Slayer Zenitsu's Thunderclap and Flash! ( Combat Attack )

So a couple days ago I found this really cool module for effects related to Electricity, Thunder, Whatever you want to call it.

I promised myself I would try it out for fun to see what I could come up with, At the time I was watching some Anime called Demon Slayer and thought that I could maybe use that effect to reproduce the Thunderclap and flash that one of the characters (Zenitsu) does in (spoiler alert) EP. 13.


This is what I’ve com up with, The outcome not gonna lie looks pretty cool (still could have some improvements which is why I need you guys :wink: ).

I know I could do some improvements for example add multiple colors (not only yellow) since its obviously as shown in the gif a variety of light blue and yellow (and improve my really bad animating skills :face_vomiting: ), But what do you guys think?? Any feedback is appreciated!!


i like the fx but the animation is dog
also zenitsu character looks good

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I completely agree, I was extremely lazy with the animation and my animating is really bad, Okay I’ll get my lazy ass up and make a better one :joy: .


I updated the animation as @OfficerlSwearShes19 suggested, I know it’s not the best but I think it’s much better than the last one.