I made my first cars

My first cars.


Looks great! I recommend curving out a lot of those sharp edges, but it just depends on the style you’re trying to achieve. Great work! Impressive for your first build of a car!


Not too bad for first cars. Just a bit too blocky in my opinion. Great for first time though.

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I suggest moving the grille into the middle or making it smaller, then putting the license plate under that. Sure, you could put your plate on the grille, but for the most part you don’t. Your turbos aren’t strong enough to suck the plate onto the grille, you know?

Add some turn signal lights (orange lights on the ends of the head and taillights) and change the taillights to red.

Put rims on the wheels, so they aren’t just black cylinders (you can do as simple as light grey cylinders if you aren’t too confident with articulate rims, for that aero fine tune :sunglasses:)

Lastly, you make want to consider using more smooth edges (wedges, cylinders, blender) so they don’t look as bulky. Unless they’re military vehicles, I’d make the edges smoother.


Looks awesome for you first car! I also like the simplistic style if that’s what you were going for.

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I like how the license plates are detailed and maybe add another circle to the turtles (gray) to make it more detailed! :+1:

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Like what @DriipPat said, try adding some round edges with cylinders and spheres.

cool cars,…i hope it is fully scripted!

Its not scripted yet. Its supposed to be undriveable cars.

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