I made my first ever render (somewhat)

Hey, so I decided to make a render of a friend and it turned like this.

I have very little experience with rendering but I want to continue to create more.

The photo was provided by Nebuqlous and rendered by me.
Feedback accepted.


It is not so smooth. I also acknowledge it was rushed a bit.


It has a creepy vibe to it and that’s probably why it looks nice even though you didn’t use any software like blender to make a rig and stuff.

Speaking of blender and rigs you should look into those topics to further improve!

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Yeah I didn’t use any blender, but I am definitely going to try it next time!

I’m assuming you did this in a editing software - Roblox Studio? I can see it’s a shot of a Roblox character and effects around the image, correct me if i’m wrong.

Your first design is here and there but you should add more characters or something that looks creepy instead of having the character facing right, try making it look straight into the camera or attacking somebody you could even throw a background image with some props around the area whether it be tables building stores.

It kind of has those parts and horror colors featured in the image, but if this was done produced inside Roblox studio it isn’t really a render. I would suggest using Blender for rendering or learning graphic designing. There’s different approaches you could go for it really depends on which ones you prefer to use.

the original photo in Roblox was taken by Nebuqlous and i was given permission to render and share it

heres the original photo Hyperhestia

since this ive made 2 more renders and they really turned out VERY successful, id rather not show them now because i want to respect the original photo takers and i dont want to try to claim anything fully for myself

thanks for the reply and i dont use blender

You are missusing the term "Render is the term in numerous media manipulation programs to create the edited product. as in blender this would be a render