I made my first game in covid and i keep on updating review it pls

(UPDATE) GemHunter - Roblox i made this game during covid and im updating every week so can u give me suggestions to make the game better
Thank you

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It’s unclear where I’m supposed to go. I managed to find the teleport button but there were no real instructions on what I was supposed to do, other than an unclear sign with text and an invisible part blocking my way. I think that part was supposed to be a sign because you can see text on it when you go around. You might’ve forgotten to turn off CanCollide for that part.

Maybe work on a tutorial?

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Ok, for your first game (presumably), I think you did an alright job!

While I do agree with the spawn area’s teleport, I think that the sign once you’re in the game is ok. Add an example of what a gem looks like, and how those open the door/give a motive to the player. Finally, you have some conflicting signs, but that could just be my misunderstanding, so if a sign isn’t applicable to a player yet, then hide it!

Just a few other flaws that should be easy to fix though:

These stairs are really annoying to climb due to their slant, you should make these not rotated so players don’t need to struggle to get up them.

What are these black dots? They are all over the map and do damage to you, but

  • A, it’s very unclear that they do damage/are bad to you
  • B, they are very hard to see (especially in the forest)

This ladder needs to be pushed in more, as in it’s current state, it’s impossible to climb, and thus I wasn’t able to get all of the gems. I tried climbing the sides but the slopes were too large for me to climb.

You can tell from the image what I’m about to say, but as a side note, maybe change the gray parts to some actual walls? If you want spawn barriers, make them fit into the environment better!

Don’t think players need to know this :wink:

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