I made my first island almost realistic graphics

Here is my first island with cool lightnings :smiley:


Absolutely awesome work! However, I suggest that you tone down the sun rays. They are a little too opaque, so make them more transparent. Other than that, you did a great job on creating a realistic environment!


Thank you so much and thanks for the tips too :innocent: :smiley:


You did an amazing progress for your first island, and I really liked the lighting! The realistic terrains brings a nice touch and it looks really beautiful on a view!

Keep up the great work! :+1:


This is a really amazing island love the lighting added to the place, gives it that realistic feeling - pretty great for a first attempt at the realistic aspect!

I might also try adding some leaves, or even just add a little more vegetation around the island. You could possibly Add some rocks in the water, or because why not? Though maybe you could add some wind to give it a finishing touch to the build.

Overall, this build again, really good for a first attempt. The lighting gives everything a much cleaner feel. Amazing job creating a realistic view!


Not bad i like it. especially the Sun Ray that you made. But it would be better if you mess with the tree a little bit more. especially the leaves. :+1:


Remarkable work! The island in the game you just made are so realistic! I appreciate the work you did and hope you keep on developing the game you just made! :smiley:

Also your island really looks interesting to be an adventure game!
Keep in mind to make it more realistic though.