I made my Second Game!

hey i m a dev, i made my Second game! It’s on my Other acc! it’s Escape the Zombie Potion Obby, and it also may reset your data!, Go check it out:
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The game overall i would say is very good for your second game and for your 1 year of developing, is it perfect? No, but nothing is and that leads to me being able to give you feedback.

First the kill parts need some tweaking as you can avoid being teleported back /killed by them by jumping and touching another surface. I already said a way to potentially fix it in game.

Maybe add a thumbnail and icon as it does add some important detail to the game and makes it look more professional overall. There is an example of a icon of mine below, its not good but it just shows what could be classed as a generic obby icon:

Icon Example

Seperating this out because why not

The building of the game is basic and not very good, first i suggest adding more detail to the walls maybe some piping, vents etc will go well with the theme. Also i suggest messing around with the textures a bit more as they don’t blend to well in my opinion.

I suggest for the obstacles making the colours as similar as possible however also make sure there is a mix, an example below of one of my games im working on is below:


Screen Shot 2022-02-17 at 22.14.22

As you can see the clouds are white and gray, these are 2 fairly similar colours and this is 70% of the time much nicer to look at than green, blue and yellow together

Im going back to the attention to detail, even though this is an obby which are generally not well detailed i think obbys benefit from having some detail as it sets it apart from others, i will put another example below from the obby im working on and list the small details:


  • Grass - Adds a small effect which fills the ground
  • Trees - Fills the ground and ‘forward and upward’ vision
  • Rocks - Fills the ground and ‘forward and upward’ vision
  • Moss - Moss on ladder adds small detail which makes it more different and nicer to look at with small details people can look at instead of a plain ladder
  • Rocks In Floating Island - You can see rocks in the floating islands at the ‘spikes’, this adds small details which makes them less repetitive and overall nicer to look at
  • Terrain Change - The small and subtle height change in the ground makes the ground seem less empty

Now you probably won’t add grass to your map but it gives you a basic idea of what is a good thing to add for basic detail, you could possibly add Barrels, Piping, Valves, Bricks slightly coming out of the wall and different variations and more.

Adding the same thing over and over is boring, make changes i.e for the trees i re-scale them and rotate them, for the grass i make some darker or lighter, for the rocks i make some darker/lighter/different scales and rotations etc etc etc.

Thats all for now but i hope to see good progress from you in the future!

Good Luck


For a second game it is not very bad although it could be updated. First glitch is found is the checkpoint system (finished the whole game in stage 2) :

also i think that it is too easy for an obby and that you should replace those balls and square jumps with more detailled models for example imagine an uranium barril that’s broken or you have to crouch under gas and like things that stick better with the theme.
I think it’s a very good start for a game and it can still be upgraded and why not be on top page on the future.

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The , think es i m not a good builder!!

did you’ve Touched , the checkpoint?, if you’re din’t then you’re Stage Value dosen’t go up!!

i did however the 2nd checkpoint makes you go back to spawn

Just played it, it’s very well made considering it’s an obby.
One adjustment I’d make is turn off the walking sound in the background because by the end it was very annoying.
Overall very well done especially for your second game

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