I made myself a pfp

gfx pfp (1)

Is it good?

What can I do to make it look better?

Thank You


Looks good. Might want to add a littl signature at the bottom tho

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Ohh ok will do that

Thank You so much

Me, as a 2 Year experienced artist, I would have no clue how to make something like that. I don’t know what could change that. It is brilliant. Well done on that!

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Looks nice. The white outline gives it better effect. Have you tried to make a black outline?

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Thank youu sooo much :smiley:

Really appreciate it

Thank you and yes I have tried black stroke but it doesn’t look as good as the white one

Looks really really clean I bet you’ll get some commissions soon!

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looks good, but WHERE IS LE FACE?!?!?! :sob: :sob: :sob: :sob: :sob: :sob:
also to prevent your work from being stolen i suggest you slap some watermark on the bottom.

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Thank youu I am soo happy to hear that :smiley: :smiley:

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I removed the face on purpose haha

Yeah I will put a watermark now, thank you

You should make the watermark bigger because they can simply copy a frame of the background and paste it to hide the watermark. I suggest it to be at the Roblox character. Just for security

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Ohh ok I will add one

Thank you