I made player feel less like a plastic toy

A few days back I created a topic asking how to make the player feel less cartoony and have more weight.

Here I combined multiple resources (from devforum, youtube, replies on my post) and tried to make player NOT feel like a plastic toy.

I used camera bobble, camera dragging behind player, blur when camera move, slower walk speed, higher fov and some more effects. Many people also suggested that animations play a big role in making movement realistic; however it is a shame that I am absolutely garbage at animating.

Link to game : (im sorry i kinda messed up. ill upload the link here later. i think this topic is dead anyways)

You can test it out and provide feedback or discuss what you would add to it.

(haha yes it is detroit+cyberpunk inspired)
P.S. the build is my own


Mate it’s nice but few things could be changed alsoo tell me about the lighting ykkk


It’s cool, but reduce the weight a little bit.

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You mean character weight? Wouldn’t that do thr opposite of what I’m trying to achieve?

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I mean the camera weight, it feels like it’s lagging behind too much.


Wow! I definitely want this to be featured in games :open_mouth:

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It looks very cool! I suggest reducing the camera “cooldown” a bit, sometimes the character is about to get off the screen.
Also something that can make it more realistic is changing the gravity of the Workspace and instead of using JumpPower use JumpHeight to have more control of the height you can jump.
I recommend setting the gravity to around 80 and the jump height to 2 if you don’t want it to jump a lot :slight_smile:

Keep up the great work!

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Feels nice, but generally speaking, the camera should follow closely to the character’s movement. It is a bit disorienting currently.


It was all a night at the bar…

Cool project! :+1:

…always has been…


It feels like one of those dreams where you try to run but the air is made of honey, looks cool tho

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That is very specific :thinking:. Thanks!

That is a cool screenshot. Thankyou


Yes I am aware. The person sometimes gets out of the view. However it gets back to normal once you stop moving. Since I am going to implement forced shift lock anyway, it will be okay I guess.

Wait you can change jump height? I thought it only changes according to the jump power. Thanks

Thx for your feedback. There is a variable for it and it can be easily changed, though I kinda like this more as of now.

The jumping still feels kinda plastic.

Yes. I’ll make my own animations and change some values in game settings

Camera shakes wayyy to much for this to be realistic at all. The camera moves like he’s running, but he’s walking? Other than that this seems fine. Better jump settings would make this better as well, and maybe realistic walk sounds? To me, it still feels quite plastic but nonetheless, good effort.

Cool, would be nice if it had Inverse Kinematics although that is hard to program.

the camera bobbing is a little too fast