I made teams and i need to fix a problem here and idk how

the problem is, i can damage my own teammate with my gun… idk how to script something that wouldn’t damage the team… this would only cause spawn killing on their own team because i made the force field go off in 1 second… if u can help me, please help me cuz this has been a problem ever since i starter creating my game

Add a clause in your script that negates damage if the target is on the caster’s team.

how? im new to scripting and stuff cuz i only do builds

I believe the ‘blow’ function inside SwordScript should be where you put the section of code. As I think it’ll return hit (which should be player). @XxXbeatzboiXxX XxXbeatzboiXxX

yeah ok… but the thing is, its not swords… its guns

If this is complicated I can make a script for you.

Ah, let me make a script for you.emphasized text

Due to it being 2 am I couldn’t be bothered making a script.
Here is a youtube tutorial explaining how to disable team kill:

What gun script are you using?