I made the Brest fortress

Hello everyone, today I made a small construction of the Brest fortress.But this is only a part of the Brest fortress and I will develop this building and turn it into a map in which you can walk and inspect.I will add a lot more, because this is the first version,and you could evaluate or criticize that I would take into account all the errors and shortcomings


looks very cool. the real fortress looks a lot more worn down though so details like that would be cool. right now it looks a bit too plain and repetitive. very impressive though

Hey there! The building looks amazing but the only advice I would give you is to union some parts near the windows (or just union all walls) to fix the textures.

looks good, but I personally dont like the default brick texture

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I continue to work on the Brest Fortress




the fortress was completely done by me, the rest was helped by other people. Who later cheated me on 10k and kicked me out of the place


photos that I managed to save


Sorry to hear about that, I would recommend you always make saved copies for yourself, just in-case something terrible like this happens.

Keep up the great work!

thats amazingly nice keep it up