I making a game called envasion hunt not done yet also its an fps and kinda piggy game style game

heres the game you can check the description and how to play it also any ideas to add in the game

  • making textures for guns
  • making storymode and different game styles
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also you can recommend thumbnails and icons for the game

did you mean to spell invasion like envasion, or is that a typo?

Your Gui could use some work:

  • This “need more then 2 players” text Overlaps with chatting and the teams tab

  • Your Gui Menus aren’t Scaled for Different devices. Also sometime there is and isn’t a “back button”.

  • There issn’t really a “lobby”/Game area Its just a grassy area with Invisible walls. And not like a sitting, or waiting area. I wish there were 2 different areas one for gameplay, one for waiting instead of one ‘area’.

  • I don’t know what to do in the game. The game rounds are really short, too short

  • Providing a player guide would be nice

  • Force mobile players in landscape mode.

I can’t rate/Give feedback it too much if Idk what I’m doing

It’s not a typo it is actually called like that to avoid copyright

It isn’t really done yet. Cause I am trying to figure out the round system on this. Also the objective is if your on blue team try to escape and if your red you have to eliminate the players. Basically piggy but fps

And yes I also thought of the player guide that’s why there’s a question mark. Also I forgot to mention that this is my first kinda big project that’s why it’s look ugly but I’ll try to fix it up


also, he said “It’s not a typo it is actually called like that to avoid copyright” :smiling_imp::smiling_imp::smiling_imp:

also game is nice

cuz i dont sleep of course :roll_eyes: :roll_eyes: :roll_eyes:



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