I modeled my Snowball microphone


Hahaha thats so cool. At the moment I have one right in front of me, and the one you made looks almost identical. Very good!


SHEESH, looks very nice! I am very unexperienced when it comes to texturing, do you think that substance painter is worth purchasing? and what goods does it have?

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Thanks for the compliment! (:

IT IS SOOOOOOO WORTH IT! It is one of the smoothest texturing programs I have ever used (and I have tried a lot of different ones). It is simple to pick up if you know how to use photoshop, but even if you don’t, it is still super simple with some YouTube tutorials. I literally made that microphone within about 10 days of owning Substance.

It comes with everything you need to make the simplest of textures to the most complicated. It has premade alpha maps, materials, smart materials, smart masks, brushes, smart brushes, and my favorite… INSANELY FAST CURVATURE/AO/NORMAL baking. Plus, if you can’t find a specific material you need that it doesn’t already have, you can go to to the community assets page(if you are paying for Substance) to find any material you need. It is super easy to export the textures and get them on your model too. Something also super nice is that if you were in the middle of texturing something and then realized that something was wrong with your mesh/ uv map, you can fix your mesh in your 3d software and then reexport it and import it into Substance while keeping all of your textures in the same place. So this means if you were texturing something and then totally redid the UV map and then updated the mesh in Substance, all the colors and textures would be in the same place on the mesh. (Idk if that made sense lol).

If you ever get it, feel completely free to message me anywhere if you need help with something. I would be very happy to help (: