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Hello!, My name is SpawkleB, and I am a GFX Artist! I make simple gfx for cheap price! Istarted Roblox in 2016 (another account) and I started making GFX a month ago. I’m making GFX on a small group called X+Y Studio and Rolls Bakery. And that’s it.

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Here are some screenshots of my work

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I am available 5pm to 8pm (GMT+8). You can contact me any time, but I am busy to work during the week due to school and homework.

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Depends on complexity. I accept Group funds, Game passes (Including 30% tax)

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You can contact me on Discord SpawkleB#9852 (just add me) I’ll friend request if im online :wink:

Thanks for reading on my portfolio! :slight_smile:


Highly recommend SpawkleB. His arts are so good and clean plus he works fast and he is trustworthy


SpawkleB is one of the finest GFX Artists that i have ever worked with! Everytime someone asks me to find a GFX Artist, i always suggest SpawkleB.


Highly recommend Spawkle, got everything worked out in one day, which is always a good start. Got two steller looking images for gamepasses, and they do look really good, will be coming back for more.

100/10 stars, will buy again, prices are fair for what you get. :smile: