I Need A Feedback On Our Clothes

We made a shirt and uploaded it in Roblox Group (Dzako Group).
We’d like to hear your feedback!

There you will find two shirts designed by our creators:

Do they look good?


I like them but I believe they could use some work.

Drip Dzako:

  • Add some shading to add more depth to it. Plenty of ways to learn it!
  • Try making it look like the hands are sticking out of the shirt
  • It looks a tad bit too blurry


Black and white stripped shirt:

  • Make the torso lines fit the lines on the arms
  • Try adding some kind of outline at the neck if you know what I mean


Then again, you don’t have to add shading. Lots of different styles that don’t require any shadin whatsoever. Otherwise I like the shirts a lot and you got potential!


Thanks for your opinion and feedback! I’ll try to follow your guides. :grinning:


I personally do not think they look good.

  • There are portions of the clothing that were completely stretched the wrong way and do not look seamless. There is also a weird outline around the back of the striped shirt.
  • The clothing could also use wrinkles, seams, any form of clothing bends that give the shirts depth and shading.
  • The clothing print looks blurry and low quality

Although your clothes do need work. They’re great for a start and theres always room for improvement no matter which skill level you’re at.


Ok, thank for feedback! I’ll try to improve my work soon.