I need a list of words

I need a list of words in the english language in a table

This post is very very vague.

You can simply search it up on google…
if you need it in a table. then just use {} and put the words in there, ex:

local table = {"word1","word2"}

Please add more information to your future posts.

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I need a list of about 3000 of the most common words so I can not just add them to a table lmao
I did and I couldn’t find anything and turning 3000 words into a lua table would be a nightmare

Then you can try asking an AI to do it or something, I’m pretty sure you can’t ask someone to write an entire script for you (as roblox stated in a different post)

Also 3000 words in a table would probably be a nightmare in the code aswell, you should probably have like only 50 or something words (depending on what you need it for)

Problem with that is I need it in a lua table
i tried to code a script that would turn it into a table but I failed

Ok bet

Use this python script:

f = open("./words_alpha.txt", "r")

print("luaTable = {", end = None)

for line in f:
        print(f"\"{line[:-1]}\",", end = None)

print("}", end = None)