I need a little bit script support

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The button is making Head transparency 1 but I want to turn off the visibility of the billboard gui

if script.Parent.Parent.Transparency == 1 then
script.Parent.MaxDistance = 1
if script.Parent.Parent.Transparency == 0 then
script.Parent.MaxDistance = 75

It works but only one time how to loop this script or idk… (sorry i dont know lua :confused: )

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I’m assuming it only works once and then you want it to work again due to a Tycoon-build possibly. Firstly I highly recommend that instead of reverting all the changes after the player leaves you should just have another empty tycoon prepared in server storage, this way less calculations need to be done and its a very simple delete and clone.

To address your problem you should be making the BilBoard Gui Disabled (Not sure if it’s called Disabled or Enabled). This will essentially make it not be visible for you, hope this helped!

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while true do
if script.Parent.Parent.CanCollide == true then
script.Parent.Enabled = true

if script.Parent.Parent.CanCollide == false then
script.Parent.Enabled = false