I need a name for my game but I can't

I am making a puzzle game where you need to push boxes to make a entrance. Here is the link. BLOCKED! [ALPHA] - Roblox

Reply to this if you have a suggestion. Thank you.

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Box moving simulator?
Crate-An exit?
Cube Mania?
honestly i have no good ideas

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Box out. Yeah i don’t know i tried.

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Hey there! I really like your game, try to add more obstacles. Anyways, for your game.

I’m not too good at this, but here are some suggestions:

  • ice simulator Push blocks Puzzles
  • RoTrainBrain
  • Push em
  • Roblockers
  • Iceblockers

Good luck on your game! :tada:


Bloxxled was my idea. A mix of roblox, box, and puzzled.

cuz the exit is blocked with blocks

Thank you for making ideas for the game’s name, all of your ideas are very great! Now I can’t decide to pick a name lol.

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Oh I got a name! Only one though, sorry about that.

Boxed Out

Hope this is considerable for you. A lot of the other names mentioned in this topic were pretty great as well.

Others have already suggested names but I just came here to say that your game looks promising and good so far :smile:

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I have a few ideas:

  1. BlockPuzzles Inc.
  2. Bloxed up
  3. CrateMate (not sure about this one)

You can experiment with crate related names.

What about puzzled? Does that work?

If you want to make obstacle ideas or hangout and talk with me go to this discord server Discord