I need a scripter

Hello! I am warre002 and I started Megabricks studio with someone else and we are searching advanced scripters for our first game that we just started to make!

We will tell you the things you need to make when you are recuited (It are harder things to make).
This will probably be a long term project!

The team:
@warre002 ,I will do the GUI’s and a bit of scripting
@ThePizzaThief_1000 ,He will build and model
@You ,You will do the scripting for the game


At the moment we are searching an investor, So you will be paid with a percentage from the game earning or you would be payed when the game is done and is earnings some robux (in this case you would be payed a good amount) or you would get payed with robux when we have an investor.

Discord warnickur#0788

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Can you tell us more about the job and what is the game about and do you have a backup payment just in case the game flops?

Please read the post before commenting as he already talked about the payment.

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I mean a backup payment if the game flops

He already said that you will be payed with robux from an investor.

What if @warre002 can’t find an investor? Then what? Will the scripter still be payed?

If we have an investor then you can choose between a percentage or just robux

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You would get a percentage from the game earnings

Oh okay now i understand btw what’s the game about?

A City Roleplay game

You can customize your character, get a job and earn money, buy clothes for your character, buy a house But, you can also do things like rob a bank and once you do that (when you break a law) people who have Police as a job have permission to come chase you down and then you could have a gun fight or you could have some big chase. You can set your house on fire, and then there would be fire fighters to come put the fire out. You can set up your own shop, build a wooden fort Make a group of players together to achieve bigger goals. You could make a big base somewhere in the woods by buying wooden planks with the money you have earned, you can make a big group of people to help make the project and then you can defend your base from people who want to steal whatever is inside that base.
You can make a house by yourself.

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