I need a touchinterest, but I don't want the tool to be picked up

--throw molotov

		--create variable for force
		local force = Vector3.new(0, -500, -2000)
		--reparent tool to workspace
		tool.Parent = game.Workspace

		--delete touchinterest
		tool.Handle.TouchInterest:Destroy()	 --THIS LINE

		--add vectorforce to send it flying
		local attachment = Instance.new("Attachment")
		attachment.Parent = tool.Handle

		local vectorForce = Instance.new("VectorForce")
		vectorForce.Attachment0 = attachment
		vectorForce.RelativeTo = Enum.ActuatorRelativeTo.Attachment0
		vectorForce.ApplyAtCenterOfMass = true
		vectorForce.Force = force
		vectorForce.Parent = tool.Handle
		game.Debris:AddItem(vectorForce, .1)
		--hit detection for bottle explosion upon impact
		tool.Handle.Touched:Connect(function(hit)    --AND THIS LINE
			if hit:FindFirstAncestor("Map") or hit.Name == "Baseplate" then
				print("did not hit map")


When I throw the molotov, I delete the touch interest. This is to prevent a player from picking up the molotov when it is thrown.
However, the touched event at the bottom of the script doesn’t work if I do that. Afterwards, however, I removed the line that deletes the touch interest, and it works fine.
However, of course, I am then able to pick up the tool.

NOTE: Yes, since the molotov explodes into fire when it hits something this probably wouldn’t be a huge issue, but I predict it will end up being buggy if I don’t fix this, so I’d rather knock it out here.

I would just parent the handle to workspace and delete the tool.
Deleting the tool prevents people from picking it up but you are still able to use .Touched on the Handle

Well yeah but its a whole

Wait i forgot everything has to be welded anyways so it doesnt matter

I am stupid and you sir are a lifesaver
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No problem, just make sure to mark as solution if it works!