I need add a bit more things to this game

hello i made my new game - Beach RP (IN TESTING) - Roblox. And its almost done,im thinking about a music or something, but i need a bit more things what should its need? because its uses realism and avatar editor script. also i dont know how do i can add? music because i dont learned many scripts…


here are the screenshots of game

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Change the lighting or change the color of the sand in the 3rd image because I feel like it’s too shiny.

oh the light. Its because of Realism

but yeah its shiny a little and too many light, i agree

The graphics of the game are awesome! The only suggestion I could come up with is that it shouldn’t be so bright. The game is perfect in my opinion. Keep it up :cool:

Right now i cant fix it. Im sorry. but i could not open roblox studio, il try to fix when i could open it…