I need beta testers

Hello devForum, im currently making a sandbox tycoon game. It has slow progress since i dont have much time. But i do really want to make it a game worth playing.

Now in order to know if im on the right track… I need beta testers. :sweat_smile:
The game is still at an early stage. Only the UI has took shape and some models/ functionalities are added.

I hope you would like to be a beta tester and test my game.

It has a feedback button wich sends your feedback under a category to me.

(i wanted to post a video but its to big)

gameLink: Zoo Tycoon - Roblox
Video link: Roblox Zoo tycoon 2 - By Michel2003g - YouTube

Note: (dont flag my post, its litterly about showing my game and asking for feedback… THIS IS THE RIGHT SECTION)

“This category serves as a showcase for anything on Roblox that you’d like feedback or discussion on. You can showcase your games” periot


I tried to play your game last time you made this topic and found gating testers behind a group rank you have to manually set a poor choice, wasn’t worth it for me to ask for a rank when your game has no description, imagery or anything. Not letting a player see anything without your permission is really an odd choice for someone looking to hype a potential release.

(10 new beta testers each 1th of the month)

What’s with this? I’ve never heard of a new developer wanting less testers after already adding a hoop to jump through just to play the game.


yeah, il be honest with you. this is the first time i even try to get beta testers not sure what im doing.
(just trying my best)

anyway, i was planning on making a short video. of how the game is now and then put it on the game page

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Since you’re posting on a public forum inviting anyone to play, I’d allow anyone to join and see it. Whether they provide quality feedback or not isn’t the goal, you just want eyes on it and to encourage them post feedback here if they feel inclined to do so.


you’re right ill remove the waiting screen


Hello👋🏽 @Michel2003g! Every game has potential but to fulfill that potential, every game needs improvements…

General Improvements🔧:

-I would definitely play a zoo🐒 tycoon but it would have to immerse me into the experience while also being an understandable game.

  • There is no tutorial, your just dropped into the game where you spawn and expected to just figure everything out. So, I definitely recommend creating a tutorial for new players!

  • Fix the Z-fighting

Z-fighting screenshot


  • Create a game icon for your game, good or not… As long as you have something to represent your game you can worry about the quality of that later.

  • Fill your map!!! Filling your map with buildings, trees, flowers, parks, etc. Will enhance user experience because it gives the player somewhere to go. Rather than gaze off at a flat plain of grass.

  • Write a descriptive description because that is what a description is for… Kinda like an about me for your profile well the description tells players about your game and…

This isn't very descriptive

  • Lastly, two brains are better than one if you have a well-trusted friend you can work on your game with… Don’t be afraid to ask for help!

And a little side note: Before you consider getting more beta testers make even more improvements on your game. So that the beta testers have something to give more feedback on and test.

-Good luck with your game and nice job so far!:four_leaf_clover::+1:t4:


I created a gui you see at the beginning of the game, to load, or create new plots. but since saving buildings doesnt work yet i disabled it for now, in this ui the beginning of a question for tutorial is there. just need to find a way to make a tutorial

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I would say that the game is a little bit laggy (On a computer, 8gb ram and okay graphics) and it’s also a bit hard to tell what to do, it would be useful if there was a tutorial but otherwise seems like a cool concept!

Hey peeps, Update.

You can now save the objects you place on your plot.

I also added music models to the game, they play a sound in a certain radius.

Edit: almost forgot, i added a short tutotorial, its not much but it tells you how to open te menu and how to build.

Try posting the video to YouTube and attaching the link here.

the video wasnt great either i’ll make a new one i guess.

thnx for reminding! :joy:

Edit: video link is Zoo tycoon [beta] early stage - YouTube


the preferences of placed items (from the music tab) are now saved to.


Walls are added

introduced tweening to the building marker.

hold Shift to build alongside the X and Z axis.
hold Alt to build alongside Y axis.

Hi man i think your game might have a more toy theme

what do you mean?

adding extra cbaracters

It’s very difficult to explain, but I mean make the setting less realistic and more “Cartoon”

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ahh yes thats intentionally

im going for lowpoly/cartoony style

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