I need everyone's help

Can someone say what color tag should i put because everyone says this color is bland https://prowolfie.carrd.co/ . Feedbacks appreciated

you can take a look at other people’s work

maybe that gives you ideas!
( for the colour part you can actually use a background or gradient instead of a blue background, also maybe try increasing the resolution of the pfp in the website )
try creating your own background! You know how to make a gfx!


im not getting anything color and i need some recommendations

Make the color darker, more minimalistic. Remove the weird font and replace it with something better. Get a better font color, make the size of the entire site smaller. And more info.


hmmm btw what font color is good? and what more info

Mostly a more gray-ish color in my opinion, or white.
By more info I mean about yourself, the current is a bit too small to make a website for.

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take a colour palette from a pretty image using adobe colour. alternatively, you can use the wada sanzo dictionary of colours. choose a colour similar to the one you want to use, then click the different numbers to see the colours that go well with the one you have chosen.

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hows it now idk i dmed a guy he said its good the guy is @Sh1a3te

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The font could be better, add spacing and make every word except “to” for the titles start with capital letters.

I mean i think there are better examples for portfolios :flushed: but thanks

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Try to use less run-on sentences + more commas

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