I need feedback and ideas for the name of a business simulator game

The Game

I hate giving away too much on a game full of devs who could steal your idea at any time but I will say one thing.

Its a UI Based game.
Its like a simulator.
Deals with building your own business in a sort.

The Name

I need a catchy name something that jumps out.

All I can think of is Website Simulator or Business simulator.

Would you click on that???

Any idea helps post them below!!!

Options the community has come up with


I could probably think of one since I am creative if you give me more info-

Ok this much
Its kind of like creating your own business

Buisness Simulator?
Buisness Running Simulator?
Those are pretty bland but you can’t really make a catchy simulator name, it is mostly like just telling what the simulator is about.

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Site Sim[ulator] (repetition of the ‘s’)?

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Could it not be simulator related???

I like Site sim a lot.

Solid option


Buisness Empire? (Need More Characters)

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This might be a game already. I’m 90% sure


Oh this is better we are getting there something more.

Website Empire???

Website Empire sounds good, or we could do Website Building Empire

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Also once you get enough options, you should make a community pole.

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It doesn’t need to be something related to the broad scheme of the game (using the term “business”). :thinking:

You could definitely have something that’s in the game, in the name. This could be something like -

  • Cash
    • Cash Frenzy

Not sure though. You really want to have an appealing name to all audiences. It’s cruical to have this as the name of your game is one of the first things ROBLOX players see before clicking. It’s make or break so I’d suggest you take your time with this.

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That could be good, maybe something like

  • Office Simulator
  • Cash Frenzy (Credits @housecity
  • And more…

I agree maybe not cash frenzy.

Something with website of business maybe?

Busy business. Mr business. Mega business. Mega business x. The businessman. Business.


Business Time!
Business Enterprises

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Just thought of this Buisness Owner?

Love it really good

Also solid

Not that bad

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Also could be Buisness Tycoon, but would have to be careful because their are already 2 or 3 called that but they are very small (<10 players)

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