I need feedback for my game. (Cart ride game)

Hello! I am currently working on a cart ride game (Cart Ride Around A Cart Ride) and need some feedback for it. My main concern is that my players will get, you could say, unamused with the scene. Currently the scene is just the sky… I want to change it to something better but am all out of ideas of what to change it to. I also want to add a feature where if a player says something, something fun will happen, but have no ideas for that either. Any feedback or ideas would really help out and I’m looking forward to hearing from you. :slight_smile:

Everything I say here is meant to be taken as constructive criticism.
There is no real point to the game. You go around in a circle with nothing new going on. I do not really see how you are meant to make this any more interactive. There also is no multiplayer aspect to it which can prevent people’s friends from joining. I think it could be somewhat more fun if you were to be able to travel to different places and build upon your track to make it bigger and more fun. And then maybe you could invite people to try your track. And maybe NPCs would join you on your track. I’m just throwing out ideas. Good luck <3

Ya, its fine. It was more of something funny then anything actually meant to be played. But then again, all cart ride games are not actually meant to be played. I will take your feedback into account and use it in later updates. :smile: