I need feedback on an escape furry game :]

Could you give me some feedback / critizism on the first chapter?

I want to make this game go viral and add more chapters :slightly_smiling_face:


Out of all Game ideas you found this one?
Not so bacon-y of you >:(

its alright tho it needs more info, esp gui

what info does it lack? its a simple game so the gui is minimal

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forum wont let me change my avatar even though I’ve been here for almost a year now :frowning:

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things like levers clicked, orr an effect when u collect a crucifix



jokes aside: idk why you would want to choose this kind of game genre, and unfortunately i kinda dont want to play it, its your choice and i know some people would probably enjoy it so go on i guess

ps: good active player count, wish you luck…

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