I need feedback on my game (FPS Game)

I’m working on an FPS game, of course I showed it to my friends and they said it was cool but didn’t point out bugs or anything. I need some feedback to tell me what’s wrong with the game and what’s cool.
https://web.roblox.com/games/6385556727/Ro-Force (Link to game)



• The RPG plays the charging handle animation from the M4A1 on the first draw

• The RPG reload shows no rocket

Those are the only ones I could find.


• Add auto reload when the player runs out of ammo

• Change the safe spawn shield to be invisible or just script one in as the blue circle with particles flying around you takes away from the realism


Ok, thanks for pointing out the bugs, I’ll try to fix those, and thanks for the suggestions.


Is that blur or depth of field, either way, I think it should be toned down.


The FPS Framework looks very nice, good job.
Only some small details you could change:

  • sway and bobbing aren’t so original, they are very similar to the ones from this tutorial: Making an FPS framework: 2020 edition
    That’s ok, but you can try to change them a bit, maybe learning also something new about them.

  • Sounds, are good, but the fire one, i think it plays every time you fire, and that’s logical, but it doesn’t create a nice effect, because when you fire, it has to stop the sound and re-play it.
    My fix to this would be to make a function for playing sounds, which would create a clone of the sound, and play it every time you want to play a sound, then i just add a debris which has timeLength + 0.5 as lifetime.

Just think to adjust these things and it would be much better.
Otherwise, except some details of the framework, i really like:

  • animations (they are good, and well made)
  • effects (like smoke, and hit effects of the projectiles)

Very nice, but is missing some things.

  • When you have all weapons equipped, except the sniper, try to make it so that it has a mouse cursor. But not the Roblox cursor, because that looks stupid. Instead, try to make it so that you can aim without pressing any buttons. I think It’s a bit annoying to zoom in every time you want to shoot. I think you get my point by now.
  • You should remove the mouse cursor completely when no guns are selected. It looks smoother and less awkward. If you want, you can add a cursor. But let it be just really small. Like a dot.

Alright, I’ll tune it down if it’s annoying.

Thanks for pointing out a few things, I am working on the game a lot.

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Alright, I’ll work on the top part of this post mainly, the mouse should be easy to do since I already have a script.

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