I need feedback on my game

It looks a lot better than the original but in some of your buildings, the side view and rearview are empty. I also noticed that your doors have different sizes. I told you to use a dummy to compare the size of the player to your build. I gave you all of my advice to help you. It’s up to you if you’re gonna apply it or not. Glad I could help! If you want me to give more feedback just message me via developer forum instead.

Using a dummy to compare the size of the player in my build:

Fixed all the door sizes.

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Btw @nathan_hickman made a GFX for the logo.

I would recommend using blender (blender.org) rather than Roblox Studio for Icons

What about gameplay? How would I build a good audience for my game? How would I advertise this sort of game better?

It looks nice but the map seems to be a little big. Maybe you should scale it down a little and it would be better. That is just my opinion but I’ll give this a
7/10 because the UI is also kinda ehh

Oh! That reminds me, I forgot to show the new UI!
Here is the new UI:

There’s more, but I’m too lazy to take more screenshots.

Wow that’s good! Now its a 8/10!

Sorry to bump this topic, but I need feedback on the thumbnail, description, and title.
How could I make it more user-friendly and change it in a way that gives more context as to what the game is about?