I need feedback on my game

Game worked on by me and @nathan_hickman.

Have you ever played One Night: Ultimate Werewolf? This game is that but in Roblox.

Recently I’ve started working on a game a few months ago. I feel like it is ready, but it also feels like I am missing one more thing. I need your help to find out what that is.


Main Game:

Each building in the lobby has a door which teleports you to the main game:

Just some other things:

Voting gui:

Please remind me of any bugs, or if I need to edit this post.


I have been in the game and had a run around.
As I was the only player I am not able to advise you on the game play.
I found the lighting level about right but missed seeing the lamp posts which I expected in a town scene.
I did find the buildings a bit samey so you might wish to change the shape a bit.
Have you considered establishing an AI to run a NPC that could act as the target when no other players are present and as a decoy when there are?


judging from the images, the map looks a bit empty and boring. try making the map smaller, or adding details to the walls and floor. a lil extra part on the door would look nice too.

the gui could have been better designed too; add some gradient or even patterns to the background and it would look 100x better.

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The premise of the game sounds like a great idea, but I would have to agree that the map is indeed quite boring, I would try adding more details to the buildings. Another thing I will say is that there is a huge lack of lighting in the spawn area, I know it might be like that intentionally but I think a few lights couldn’t hurt.

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Are you saying an NPC that joins the same game as you and plays with you?

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What do you mean by “details”? I really don’t know what to do.

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indents and bits that stick out!! this could be shelves, vents, panels etc.

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Small screenshot of the lobby

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By the way, what gradient would I add? What pattern would I add?

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a lot of games have checkerboard patterns or stripes on the background of their guis, you could try that?? if it doesn’t look nice, then you can add a vertical gradient instead. the colours are up to you. the gui itself looks kinda flat also. a border or shadow would work w that imo.

the lobby is alright, but the shade of yellow you picked for the windows + road looks a little weird. use a more orangey hue or something less washed out. you could add some semi-transparent blocks coming out of the windows too for some faux volumetric lighting. having these come out of the streetlamps would also look quite nice.

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Would this be a good color? Screen Shot 2022-01-16 at 11.42.08 AM

that colour is fine.

if you want to talk to me further, you should do it in my dms. i don’t want this topic to keep getting bumped.

This is now what the main lobby looks like:

Screen Shot 2022-01-19 at 5.52.48 PM

Any more feedback?

I like the concept of your game but I think your map needs more improvements. You can use a dummy to compare the size of a character in your buildings. Here are my suggestions:

-Make the streetlights and doors taller.
-Decrease the size of your windows.
-Add more details to your buildings (they look bland)
-Make the rooms more appropriate for the size of the player.
-Add more variety of windows.
-Add some road signs.

Example of buildings I made a year ago:

Road Reference:

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This is very useful to our game, thank you for the suggestions!

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Is this good?

Looks better! But I do recommend using other shapes such as wedge, cylinder, and sphere because it looks blocky. I also noticed a problem with your door:

References that may help you:

Types of roofs:

Types of windows:

Types of doors:

I suggest for looking more references and inspiration.
Good luck in your game!

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Ok, so I should make more houses?

I highly suggest making your builds modular so you can easily design your builds by combining them all. It helps you to organize and arrange your builds

For instance, I built my apartment using different sections then I combined it all. You can also experiment with your modular builds.

Example of my modular building:

As you can see I can arrange it whatever I want:

Other examples of modular assets I found on the internet:

Is this good?

Thanks to @nathan_hickman for helping me!