I need feedback on my game!

Hi, I recently sponsored my game but unfortunately I have a bad like/dislike ratio and players tend to leave directly. So I would like to have opinions on what game could be improved to have a better playtime and if possible a better ratio.

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The game looks awesome. It’s obvious that you’ve spent a lot of time creating it and that it’s not just some 5 minuter type of place. The thumbnail is eye-catching and attracts players into hopping in. Music is well composed and all of the GUIs are clear. I personally also love how the tutorial has pictures instead of raw text piles. Generally speaking, it’s an excellent game.

The reason why the game received so many dislikes is due to the fact that it’s a competitive game, where players play against each other for the win. Since Roblox’s community is mainly children, they tend to rage quit and react emotionally by giving out bad reviews.

Players probably leave directly from the game, because they get bored while waiting for the game to start, and if they get eliminated first they nearly never wait for another round (like I said above, raging)

I wouldn’t be too worried about the dislike/like ratio as nearly no players pays a closer attention to it.

Question from me though, how much Robux did you spend on advertising your game in total?

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As of now, I’m still experimenting advertising and collecting data, therefore I’m not willing to share all of the information but thank you for your opinion

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honestly, i played the game and it looks very fun to me. it has effort put into it, original idea and as mentioned before it has a clean GUI. i think the bad dislike ratio is because the game can be challenging, just like Tower of Hell. TOH has around 50% to 60% like/dislike ratio, but the game is really popular and well made. the reason for dislikes is how hard it is to complete it.

very nice game, definitely deserves more attention.


I would give it… a meh

My friend tried it out because yes and he constantly gets bomb-passed. However, the player kept passing the bomb and passing and passing until you explode because sometimes your so “eyecatching”

Edit 2: Players kept repeating the bomb passing. :frowning:
Otherwise, very good! 7/10

Oh my god, this game is very good and very playable, I loved it, if I could have more styles of bombs it would be much better

I love the first UI. It looks super cool that it’s in the style of a painting.

the game looks really fun, but perhaps try implementing lobby queueing so people dont have to wait for the whole match to end (a bit like bedwars) a 10/10 from me the guis looks fantastic