I need feedback on my game

I made a game called Egg Simulator. Im not sure what the players think about it when they join the game. Please tell me what I could do better, to make the game more fun. Tell me if you think a certain feature about the game is boring, or think I should add another game mechanic. Any FeedBack is appreciated. Thank You!


I’d say you could improve the UI

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The lighting in the game seems a bit plain and simple, I recommend trying to add some warm/cold lighting to the game with sun rays because it would make it look way better, I would also like to mention that you can add a skybox with HD clouds.


The GUIs on the right look pretty good, but you can remove the black background and make them slightly bigger
Also the text, as for the text I would say that you can change to font to something else like Cartoon or fantasy or whatever you want and you could change the color.


For sound, you could just simply add music and maybe even try to add some kind of noise when picking up an egg.


As for the structures, I would say that you can try to use a low poly style for the farm itself, there are hundreds if not thousands of tutorials on youtube and online in general that you can watch to help you.
Lastly, I also think that you could add more nature assets such as trees, bushes, grass and many more!


I think it is a cool idea. However, I think there is lots of room for improvement.

My thoughts:

  • Add more variation to the map (trees, rocks, bushes); the player wants to explore and experience new things!
  • Have some sound and/or animation when you collect an egg; make the player feel like they’ve accomplished something
  • Play music to have a nice atmosphere that fits the theme (farm, country?)

That’s all I could come up with for now; I will come back and post more if I think of anything else.


When you open the upgrades GUI, the text its so close to the border. You could add an “income” GUI showing your eggs and a popup number when you get an egg.

Also, should add some effects, like particles and sounds when you pick up eggs, music and maybe speed to the player.

The map could be better, try to add more decoration, not too much but something like little elevations or trees and grass.

In my opinion the game will look better with plastic and brighter materials and colors, should use more spheres or wedges for the mountains.

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I don’t really understand the point of this game. Is it all just about collecting eggs? I found it almost unbearable to play to collect 50 eggs and that’s the minimum to upgrade. I may sound harsh but I believe the first couple minutes of a game are the most important and this just throws you in and you start collecting eggs without much reason. I think you should make more eggs and change the rates because I collected 1 grey egg and 49 white eggs. This wasn’t too enjoyable. I don’t have much advice for you but to really change it up, make a more immersive environment, give a purpose to collect these eggs except for upgrading. Good luck with your game.


I believe this game has a lot of areas on where it could improve on

My Ideas:

• The Text in the game’s thumbnail/game icon isn’t very catchy or appealing, I’d mess around with the font and the text colors, the background consisting of a variety of colors might make it difficult to find the perfect text color for the game.

• The map is very bland, and traveling from place to place takes ages. When I first joined, attempting to head to the platform jump felt like a very gruesome time-consuming task, not to mention even doing the parkour! Add trees, bushes, animals, something that removes the feeling of emptiness in the map.

• The gui design isn’t appealing, the text font you have chosen feels really bland, simply just changing the fonts could really improve the game’s overall UI design

• Add sound to the game! Right now there’s no music you can listen to or any sound effects, maybe a sound effect whenever you click on a gui? Or a sound effect when you pick up an egg?

• What’s the point of the game? What’s the grinding even lead to? In other simulators, for example, weight lifting simulator, becoming stronger helps you kill those who challenge you. Walking around and collecting eggs for no reward isn’t very fun.

• One thing I’d do is make donation a developer product, so that players can buy donations multiple times, and so that you can free up a game pass spot.

Feel free to ask me any questions, I’ll be glad to help!


The eggs don’t work, so I haven’t been able to get to rainbow land.

Because I played with the intention of giving you feedback, I played a bit longer that I would normally have. I would normally have quit after collecting the first few eggs. It seems obvious that I’ll just be spending the first long while in a empty, flat square surrounded by walls. Not a good time IMO. If I were you, I would make each area worthwhile on its own terms so players don’t feel they’re wasting their time, and always let the player get a glimpse of the next area to get excited for future possibilities. To make areas “worthwhile”, add little nooks and crannies that players can explore. Let more rare egg types spawn there, or have “groups” of normal eggs spawn, to give players a small reward and acknowledge their effort. Have different “sub- areas” inside each area, with slightly different styles of collecting. Maybe one part requires collecting eggs in straight lines, while another has eggs spawning completely randomly like they currently do. Collecting eggs is boring, unsatisfying, and requires a lot of walking. If collecting eggs could be a side- thing to exploring, which requires walking anyway, then I think it wouldn’t be so boring.

I would also change the basic game loop of collecting eggs. Right now it’s the opposite of fun. Add an animation or other visual effect when collecting an egg. Add a satisfying sound. Make a rising +20 GUI bubble thing appear, showing how much each egg was worth. Make the eggs much more abundant. Let players hear that satisfying “collection” sound many times a minute. Focus on this part much sooner than how the map is laid out. If the core gameplay isn’t fun, any other effort is wasted.

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