I need feedback on my graphic/game settings UI!

What do you guys think of my new and FIRST graphic/game settings ui. Please notice this is the first time scripting. Here a video! (also ignore the countdown)

Vid (Tell me if you can see it!) Roblox 2020-12-27 15-00-07.mp4 - Google Drive


I wish that you’ve recorded the UI because its a bad idea to upload it to google drive, its asking for a request access


The file is restricted to invite-only. We cannot view it. Make sure to make it public in the visibility settings.

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Can you check if you now have perm? https://drive.google.com/file/d/1dduK7s39QJm7Zzw1Bzyn4geRlN4rbE1V/view?usp=sharing

My opinion on your UI creation:

Things I like about it:

  • Very compact and unique style.
  • Advanced customization for users to choose from.
  • Simple design.

What I recommend:

  • Consider using UICorners, to make the interface smoother and elegant.
  • Use only 1 font, I prefer Sans (bold, italic, light) else the UI will become very confusing.
  • You can use a gray/white theme to make it more modern and minimalistic.

Note: This is my POV from 2 years of UI design experience. That doesn’t mean that’s always the case. Keep up with the amazing content! :wink:

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Thanks! I’ll have that in mind! :hugs:

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I updated it, now everyone has perm.

:heart_eyes: it’s pretty cool !

but I have some suggestions for you :
- I think you should add 'uiCorner' for the Frame & buttons to be more smooth.
- font of title [Water’s Quality, Shadows, Brightness, Music, …] : GothamBlack
- font of status [off, on, default, …] : Gotham
- finally, remove background gradient and change background color to : 30, 32, 34

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Thanks for the feedback! It looks really cool! :hugs:

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I think it currently looks great, but I would change a few things:

  • The frames on the left (the ones describing what the setting does) are unequally sized/positioned

  • I would redesign the top bar, changing the font and the X button

  • Insert a new line for long text instead of having it scaled down

  • The “Water’s quality” text is too long to fit the frame

  • Some of the dark blue and purple gradient text is a little hard to see on the black background

  • If you decide to add emojis to the settings, include one for the Music option as well

Other than that, it looks pretty nice!

Edit: I wrote my reply before your new reply, which looks better in my opinion!


Thanks for the feedback! Need to re-do some things so I’ll take your feedback on mind! :+1: Also Thanks!


Your welcome :heart: !

:black_circle: | I have a small tip for you to keep it in mind while making a new UIs :
use UI_Properties like uiCorner, uiGridLayout, uiPadding, uiListLayout, uiScale, …
:large_blue_circle: | and browse colors palettes here : flatuicolors . have a nice day :slight_smile:

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Thanks everyone for the feedback! This is how it’s going!

Thats pretty cool, keep up your good work!

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