I need feedback on my Obby Game

Hi, I’m currently trying to get feedback on my game, so I could improve it better,
and this is not your “Escape Obby” Type of game

Link To Game!

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If you experience Bugs or stuff that are not meant to be in a obby type game I guess?
Please Reply down below!

just came out of it with a couple of my dev friends
so far it’s decent and I like what I have seen so far:

-cute maps for Obby rounds
-dancing avatars for game liveliness
-customized loading screen and intro game menu
-a nice and simple lobby

All it needs is more polishing with a leaderboard GUI, a music playlist, more maps, more interaction, and you can advertise this game

I am even considering making a map for your game since its a nice idea hahahaah

gave a like

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Noted. By The Way, take the kit from the description of the game, and just make a map, group it, and send it to me either, Roblox Messages, or Devforum I don’t really know, and thanks for complimenting my game!