I need feedback on my PBR (Vietnam Era Patrol Boat)

So I recently made a river boat in blender 2.82.
Please leave me any feedback or suggestions you have.
(I’[m a beginner modeler so anything helps).


The Boat is really good. I can’t do that as good as you can but I do have some feedback. I think you could just add a bit more seats and maybe some boat lights (If there are boat lights I am sorry I didn’t notice them.)


Thanks much! I plan on adding more to it such as gun mounts. Regarding the seats, there weren’t that many as people were meant to be manning machine guns while standing up!


I see. I really didn’t know that. I hope for your best!


Hello there! The ship over all looks great! Perhaps a little coloring will looks better.

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Regarding the coloring part, I imported and colored/ changed material in studio. Thanks for the feedback!